Odawara City is located in Kanagawa Prefecture in the Kanto region.

Tokaido Line Shinkansen Stations

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Using JR Tokaido Line Shinkansen

🚄 Tokyo Station→Odawara Station
It takes only 35 min.

Be careful when you take Shinkansen.
There are 3 types of Shinkansen.

“Kodama” stops at all Stations.
“Hikari” sometimes stops at Odawara Station.

“Nozomi” You can’t use with JR pass and doesn’t stop at Odawara st.
To go to Odawara st. take the Kodama or Hikari shinkansen (Note: Take care if riding on the Hikari shinkansen as it does not always stop at Odawara station)

We will meet in the Starbucks Coffee in the west exit of Odawara Station.
Starbucks Coffee can be found only 1 min. walk from Shinkansen ticket gate.